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Removal of the old ‘AMCOM’ signage and manufacture & installation of new LED internally illuminated ‘VOCUS COMMUNICATIONS’ logo to the side facade of 153 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

These Chrome Plate 3-Dimensional letters were produced for the new Mimasu Japanese Restaurant in Adelaide. The letters change colour in sequence set by a controller for the operator. The signs can flash, transition slowly or remain a static colour of your choice.


An illuminated Sign is any sign that incorporates illumination from within the sign case structure. Internal sign lighting traditionally has been via fluorescent cold cathode lighting in the form of tube lighting. Modern forms of internal lighting are LED’s. Low voltage, Long Lasting and inexpensive to run, make LED internal illumination a good choice.

Internal illumination means that the lighting emanates from within the sign, hidden by the main body of the sign. There are a huge range of ways to use this kind of lighting, from a gentle glow to a dramatic visual effect.


Neon signs have been around for nearly 100 years, so have truly stood the test of time. Due to the wide range of colours available, and the continuous light source that they emit, neon signs are undoubtedly the most eye catching form of signage. The life expectancy of a neon sign is typically around 20 years.

At Signlab we love turning creative ideas into truly unique custom made neon signs, we get a kick out of it!

We can offer design, manufacture, installation and after sales service from our in-house resources and vast experience encompassing a multi-disciplined team effort.

Loads of Good Advice

Lighting can bring a sign to life as well as make it more visible. Illuminated signs are available in a wide variety of styles and careful consideration should be given to the placement, branding and style of the signage to ensure that the solution is fit-for-purpose.

Derek, our illuminated and neon sign guru is available to meet with you on-site to discuss your ideas and offer good advice. He works closely with our electrician to unsure power is supplied to the sign safely and in appliance with regulations. A Certificate of Compliance is provided to you on completion of the installation.


All our Illuminated and neon signage are assembled here at Signlab. The signs are fully assembled and tested prior to leaving the workshop so there are no delays on-site when installing.

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the equipment to produce Illuminated and Neon signs. CNC Router machines, High Temp. Ovens, Digital Printers, Laminators etc….

We source the ‘neon’ from a local manufacturer/ trade supplier, and our ‘lightboxes’ for illuminated signs are produced around the corner at a sheetmetal fabrication workshop.

In-House Production

Piece of Mind

Signlab will guarantee that all of our Neon and Illuminated signs will be free from defects in material and workmanship when they leave our workshop. Our signage carries a 2-year warranty against fading, electrical faults, bubbling, peeling etc.

We have been producing and installing Neon and Illuminated signs since 1992. We offer a long warranty period on our signage in Adelaide because we are so confident in the quality of our workmanship and the materials and components we use.


….it’s been a while…another ‘no frills’ home grown video…Kai on the camera this time. A quick look at the Amcom 3D Fabricated Internally Illuminated signage production and installation…

The boys loved this job…7 storeys up in the access equipment! Installation was completed on a Sunday morning with all necessary permits and traffic control. The sign was powered up that night and really looked a treat.

Harrison Music Neon Shopfront Signs

Harrison Music
Shopfront neon signage for Harrison Music in Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Can’t miss this one! Produced by Adam and installed by Kai and Adam, well done fellas, looks a treat!