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HD - Demand Attention

Here you see a P1.86 pitch BIG LED Screen in our reception area at Signlab, call in anytime to check it out. We can show you P1.86, P2.5 and P3.9

When choosing a BIG LED Screen, the pitch of the screen is most impotant as it dictates the viewing experience. The higher the number of pitch the more pixelated the display becomes at the same viewing distance.

These guys know their trade! With decades in production and installation you can be confident in their experience and honest advice, they are ‘hands on’ not salesmen.

Ben (left) & Shane (right) work together in sync with Mark our Production Manager to get our BIG LED Screens from concept to completion. With decades of signage industry experience each, they are well qualified and trusted to advise the best solution for your BIG LED Screen Video project.

Shane or Ben will meet with you on-site to listen to your requirements and offer advice. Upon your approval to proceed, Mark will ensure your BIG LED Video Screen is produced and installed to a high standard and within your expected timeframe.

No Fuss.

Higher Resolution at Half the price.

Our partners are well established LED Big Video Screen manufacturer’s in China. They build LED Video Screens for us to our specifications. We plan, engineer, design and execute the installation.

BIG LED Video Screens are now more cost effective to produce as demand is high, bringing them closer to reach for small business.

We have the knowledge, skill and facilities to assemble your LED screen in our workshop. Having total control over all aspects of production gives us confidence in our quality and allows us to provide LED Big Screen Digital Signage in a professional and timely manner.

Personalised & custom made Digital Signage – No problem!

BIG LED Screens installation

"Change and Grow"

LED BIG Screen digital signs are the modern solution to rapid business expansion and growth. And that’s because…

LED Signs can be updated nearly instantly-to correct errors, alter wording, or swap out entire video advertisements.

Since LED displays aren’t set in stone like some traditional forms of marketing, they can be used over and over again-saving you cash in the long run;
Our LED BIG Screens are built to last, meaning your advertisement isn’t a one-time shot in the dark. Update your logos, font, etc. on the fly to quickly test different messages and find the most effective one.

BIG LED Screens Signlab

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the knowledge, skill and facilites to get BIG Screen LED Video projects produced to a high standard.

The guys testing and assembling our BIG LED Video Screens are also the installers. They are well prepared and comprehend LED requirements/limitations and the practical nature of BIG Screen installations.

LED BIG Screen projects are planned and discussed in fine detail with the production and installation team so we all have a full understanding of individual projects. Our unrivaled approach eleviates any issues on site at the time of installation.

No Stress!

BIG LED Screens Adelaide


The guys who design and produce your BIG LED Video Screen also install them…with decades ‘on the tools’ you can be confident in our ability. No subcontractors here!

Our installation team have all the training and skills to install BIG Screen LED Signage in Adelaide to a high standard. We work closely with the screen manufacturer and engineering/ construction consultants to make sure your BIG LED Screen is installed safely and correctly.

Your screen will be installed with skill & care to execute your project successfully.

BIG LED Screens installation